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diesel pickup gas mileage

The cetane number is a measure of a fuel´s tendency to ignite in the absence of an ignition source (flame or spark).

While SUVs have become more fuel-efficient, explains Champion, the greater number on the road has lowered the average fuel mileage.

The use of cetane improver also helps to maintain acceptable fuel mileage.

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Popular Mechanics - Must say that a diesel hybrid would be the true fuel saving machine; why buy a gas hybrid when mileage is about same as deisel non hybrid? ... I just wish they'd get efficient diesel engines into the smaller pickup trucks - I would have loved ... ...link to new window

Is market emerging for small, fuel-efficient pickups?

San Antonio Express News - ... plans yet to equip its Titan full-size pickup with a diesel ... 20 percent to 40 percent better mileage than comparable gasoline-powered engines. But diesel ... Diesel fuel was less expensive than gas here before the low-sulfur fuel ... ...link to new window

State Farm commended for 'green' fleet

Popular Mechanics - ... really need answers before we're willing to give up our Dually pickup ... something with 8 gallons of petrol (Brit-speak for gasoline) "gas-free"? And why not use kerosene or diesel ... It would have to be light to acheve the claimed mileage, and also have ... ...link to new window

Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010 at Sub-$18,000, Could ...

Akron Beacon Journal - Is there a market for small, fuel-efficient pickup trucks? The answer: Jim ... This despite higher gas prices in 2007 that, you might think, would drive ... small truck to market than that, and how much you could improve fuel mileage. A diesel four ... ...link to new window

The Case for Diesel: Clean, Efficient, Fast Cars (Hybrids Beware!)

Pantagraph - State Farm has 4,003 flex-fuel, 143 hybrid-electric and two bio-diesel vehicles ... That use also equates to the elimination of 287 tons of greenhouse gas emissions ... All things considered — including vehicle cost, resale value and mileage — the ... ...link to new window


diesel pickup gas mileage fact bits

USATODAY.com - Diesel vs. hybrid: From Detroit to D.C., and back
Diesel vs. hybrid: From Detroit to D.C., and back. Diesel vs. hybrid: Gas mileage diary figures for late model cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans. ...link to new window

Gas Mileage of 1985 Small Pickup Trucks
Gas Mileage, greenhouse gas emission, air pollutant emissions and of model year 1985 Small S10 Pickup 2WD. 4 cyl, 2.2 L, Manual 4-spd, Diesel. 26. 31 ...link to new window

Gas mileage - May 30, 2001
... and Worst Gas Mileage Cars, you might have noticed that diesel-powered cars weren't included. pickups) and they're already selling all that Volkswagen ...link to new window

The American-Built 45 Mile Per Gallon Pickup Truck
The twenty-five year old VW Rabbit Pickup delivers nearly double the gas mileage Diesel Luvs pulled down excellent mileage figures, with 33 city/44 highway. ...link to new window

Truck Engines: Gas vs. Diesel
... Mileage. Higher Mileage. Back. Truck Engines: Gas vs. Diesel. Which diesel to a 3/4- or 1-ton pickup is still quite high versus a more powerful gas engine. ...link to new window

Gas Mileage of 1986 Small Pickup Trucks
Gas Mileage, greenhouse gas emission, air pollutant emissions and of model year 1986 Small Pickup Trucks vehicles Manual 4-spd, Diesel. 30. 35 $1540. 6.60 ...link to new window

Small Diesel Pickups - CarSpace Automotive Forums
Small Diesel Pickups discussion in the CarSpace automotive forums by Edmunds.com to be gas, and I am so pleased with the mileage on our VW Diesel bug, that I ...link to new window

Ford F-150 Gas Mileage
... consequences be if Ford raised the half ton F-150's gas mileage by 30%? How much fuel would America save every year? pickup truck in America, but diesel ...link to new window

Pros and cons of Gas and Diesel
... way I see this is having a diesel pickup not used for work is a prestigious plus side, there is a significant difference in mileage between the gas & diesel. ...link to new window

TheMpgSite :: Better Fuel Mileage :: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Additives
... that forces diesel or gasoline to produce more power and increase gas mileage. I also felt a better pickup when I had to accelerate faster. ...link to new window


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