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how to improve diesel fuel mileage

Ford pledged to increase the fuel mileage of Ford´s SUV fleet by 25 percent.

For every 10% ethanol added to the fuel, a mileage loss of 3% should be expected.

Mercedes Benz once managed to travel 633 miles without a refill in order to advertise a car that ´can take you farther on a tank of fuel than any other car sold in America.´ The term economical acquires a new dimension, even more so in times of gas-guzzling trucks, deceivingly nicknamed SUVs.

Cape & Islands News

Los Angeles Times - ... mind that his mileage per gallon is lower with E85, which is usually made from corn. The fuel is ... is starting to improve the outlook, though. In 2007, California had 835 alternative fuel ... and 90% petroleum diesel) to B99, a nearly pure biodiesel fuel ... ...link to new window

Europe faces slowdown

WRAL - A diesel rail would link Durham through Research Triangle Park, Cary and ... authority made up of elected officials, the first step would be to improve ... financing districts, increased vehicle registration fees, a regional fuel tax, vehicle-mileage ... ...link to new window

Commission Unveils Draft Plan for Regional Transit System

Popular Mechanics - Must say that a diesel hybrid would be the true fuel saving machine; why buy a gas hybrid when mileage is about same as deisel non hybrid? ... I've heard from other diesel owners that it is normal for MPG to improve as the motor breaks in. 70. RE ... ...link to new window

The Case for Diesel: Clean, Efficient, Fast Cars (Hybrids Beware!)

Cape Cod Today - ... in 65 percent of the nation's estuaries are likely to worsen in the next decade, while only 20 percent will improve. The ... that the 180-foot barge Sei 17 sank in Quincy Shipyard in Quincy, with no one aboard, spilling an unknown amount of diesel fuel ... ...link to new window

Ways to save money on gas

Detroit News - ... Fuel Economy rules require automakers to improve mileage to an industry average of 35 mpg for cars and trucks combined by 2020. At the Geneva motor show this week, German luxury carmakers will show off advanced vehicles such as BMW's diesel ... ...link to new window


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ethos fr
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The Gas Mileage Bible

How to save money by improving fuel economy and performance in any vehicle by up to 30% or more without expensive gadgets. Gas Mileage Bible is a must for anyone who drives a car. Simple scientific explanations on what causes losses and gains in fuel economy. Clear-cut gas-saving solutions, breaking down into straightforward categories: "no tech", "low tech", and "high tech".

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