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Sonex Research, Inc., a leader in the field of combustion technology, is developing its patented Sonex Combustion System (SCS) piston-based technology for in-cylinder control of ignition and combustion, designed to increase fuel mileage and reduce emissions of internal combustion engines.

Each atlas includes a travel time map, mileage chart, and index of counties, cities, and towns after the maps.

This index is essentially the opposite of the octane rating, where a high octane fuel resists spontaneous ignition, and therefore does not tend to ´knock.´ The cetane number of 100 was arbitrarily assigned to ´cetane´ or n-hexadecane, a straight-chain aliphatic chemical compound that burns very well, in the single-cylinder test diesel engine.

The Case for Diesel: Clean, Efficient, Fast Cars (Hybrids Beware!)

Cape Cod Today - Highway Department a letter with the map on the right. Comment ; What is AMAZING, is that no one was killed. Students from the Lighthouse Charter School play there most days. I have always been shocked that there is no guardrail there, just a wood ... ...link to new window

Smoothing Out A Lumpy Idle

Arlington Heights Daily Herald - The franchise has gotten great mileage off soldering tactics to a cartoon color palette -- an aesthetic that accentuates the ... It comes in handy on a map or two, but you'll mostly opt for a combination of infantry and recon vehicles to scout the ... ...link to new window

So far, most letters on snowmobile trail cap have come from riders

Popular Mechanics - An engine with high mileage that's tired and worn out may not pull a healthy vacuum of 18 to 20 in. Hg at idle (closed throttle plate) anymore. That means the MAP sensor will always read the engine as under load (low vacuum) and--just doing its ... ...link to new window

Cape & Islands News

Austin American-Statesman - Site Map Contact Us Member Center E-mail Newsletters Subscriber Services Careers at the Statesman Internships Community Development ... Your View Your View is your chance to share your opinion with the Statesman and our readers. It's a combination of Letters ... ...link to new window

Prepare for battle

Popular Mechanics - Today, diesel powertrains are on the map again, for both car manufacturers and efficiency-minded drivers. The technology ... as when i compared the diesels to the hybrids, the mileage difference really wasnt much different. Must say that a diesel ... ...link to new window


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MapQuest: Driving Directions & Business Directory
Get maps and driving directions. Avoid toll roads or highways. Maps. Directions. Mobile. Gas Prices. Travel Offers. Travel Insurance. Rental Cars. Golf Vacations ...link to new window

MapQuest: Maps, Directions, Gas Prices & Business Directory
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USATF - America's Running Routes - Map It
Tourism and Transportation Maps. Statewide (15.3 MB) Mileage Chart (255 KB) side along with a community index, mileage chart and map and tourist information. ...link to new window

Maps in PDF
What is this? This is a little hack that uses Google's superb mapping application to help record distances traveled during a running or walking workout. Why? As a ...link to new window

Gmaps Pedometer
Route maps. Destination information. Travel insurance. Group About Mileage Plus. Mileage Plus support. Services & information. Baggage. Travel requirements ...link to new window

Mileage & Maps To Weirs Beach & Laconia
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road maps
Washington State Highway Map Home Page Making of Map. Mileage Charts. Order Map. 50th Anniversary of the View mileage charts between Washington cities ...link to new window

Driving Directions Page
Area Map. Downtown Map. Skywalk Map. Create Map. Cincinnati/U.S. Population Mileage Map. Cincinnati is located within 500 miles of 60% of the nation's population. ...link to new window

WSDOT - Washington State Highway Map
Map showing distance in miles between Texas cities 931. 814. 1285. 1372. 938. 1839. 543. 457. 992. 1308. 1751. 380. 1600. California Mileage Chart ...link to new window

Cincinnati/U.S. Population Mileage Map
Calculates the distance between cities around the world. ...link to new window


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The Gas Mileage Bible

How to save money by improving fuel economy and performance in any vehicle by up to 30% or more without expensive gadgets. Gas Mileage Bible is a must for anyone who drives a car. Simple scientific explanations on what causes losses and gains in fuel economy. Clear-cut gas-saving solutions, breaking down into straightforward categories: "no tech", "low tech", and "high tech".

water for gas

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